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Karlo Valentini

Cell: (+39) 333 2983358

Email: staff@karlo.it

The human being image and his complex aggregation of capabilities always fascinated him, this led him to work in portrait and landscape photography where the human being is no less investigated then the context in which he lives.

Karlo is based in Viareggio and Florence.

Crazy bit

Carlo Alberto De Simone

Cell: (+39) 335 226265

Email: info@crazybit.net

Carlo Alberto is based in Florence, Bologna and Rome.


Tommaso Valentini

Cell: +358 449843013

Tommaso is based in Turku (Finland).


Paolo Pecile

Cell: (+39) 335 1298887

Email: ppecile469@gmail.com

He was a professor of Urban Sociology at the University of Florence. He has held political-administrative positions in the municipalities of Florence and Sesto Fiorentino. He is a member of the jury of the Terzani Award.

Paolo is based in Florence.


Simone Lombardini

Email: sim.lombardini@gmail.com

Simone is based in Florence.


Federico Giolli

Cell: (+39) 348 0850220

Email: federico.giolli@gmail.com

Federico is based in Florence.


Anna Testa

Cell: (+39) 335 6880077

Anna is based in Bologna.


Marco Batocchi

Cell: (+39) 347 4952703

Email: marco.batocchi@gmail.com

Marco is based in Florence.